Samsung A52s 5g Review – Superphones For The Smart Phone Enthusiast


The Samsung A52s is one of the two upcoming smartphones from Samsung that will feature features that are completely new to the smartphone industry. The first being the brand new and upcoming model from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy A7. The second is the new and innovative smart phone from Samsung that is codenamed the Samsung A52s. This is the phone in which Samsung plans to compete with its closest competitor, the iPhone. So what does this device have in store for us? Find out in the paragraphs below.

As the name suggests the Samsung A52s has a screen size of just over ten inches and looks similar to the iPhone in many ways. In fact the A 52s has most of the features and components of an iPhone. This smartphone comes with a sharp 4.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display with curvature, pixels, and an aluminum frame. Samsung has integrated a 5 megapixel camera on the rear of this device along with a laser auto focus mechanism. The Samsung A52s comes with a running software platform which is preinstalled on this handset. samsung a52 5g

This phone has a powerful dual core processor running the Samsung Exynos technology, which allows this device to operate extremely quickly. Along with the Super AMOLED capacitive screen, this phone comes with a large display with large fonts. This handset comes with Windows pre installed on it along with other operating system like XP, Windows Vista, and BlackBerry OS. With a Samsung A52s you can conveniently browse the internet, watch videos, and chat with your friends.

As this device is a mini personal digital assistant, Samsung has packaged it in a unique manner that consumers can appreciate. The Samsung A52s has a small yet powerful keyboard, which has a nice layout that allows users to navigate easily. The physical home key is located at the upper left corner of this smart phone and this helps users get in touch with their laptops, desktop computers, and other gadgets. To end, we have come up with a detailed Samsung A52s review that lists all the pluses and minuses of this amazing device that is sure to be a hit.

The Samsung A52s comes with a built in memory so that one can enjoy the benefit of plenty of storage space. This phone comes with a one gigabyte of memory, which is ample for all the files and multimedia that one can throw at it. It also comes with a high definition camera that helps make this gadget all the more interesting. The Samsung A52s also comes with a very nice pair of headphones, one earphone with a three-way swivel that allows it to be utilized as either a headset or a mobile music player. With such powerful specifications, one can be sure that the Samsung A52s is one mobile gadget that is bound to go places.

This mobile device is perfect for people who want something compact and light while being capable of streaming high quality video. The Galaxy S series is always there to provide users with the latest in technology. The two main competitors in the mobile world are the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and Nokia E71, and this rivalry will no doubt continue to increase as these two companies continue to release new devices. In this review, we have looked into the Samsung A52s which has been made available at a price that is extremely competitive. The device features a powerful dual-core processor, 2 mega-pixels camera, and an eight mega-pixels clear display. Users can look forward to plenty of entertainment on this handset.

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